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These objectives identify minimal performance of graduates upon successful completion of the program:

  1. Provide basic nursing assistant care to clients in all age group in the health/home care setting.
  2. Perform comfort and personal care measures in the health/home care setting.
  3. Provide basic emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual support to clients in the health/home care settings.
  4. Cooperate with the health care team members to coordinate delivery of nursing assistant care and seek guidance when necessary.
  5. Exhibit professional conduct, appearance, and ethical behavior when providing nursing assistant care.
  6. Demonstrate skills which provide for the restorative needs of clients.
  7. Demonstrate effective written/oral communication in maintaining relationship with clients, families, and other health care members.
  8. Maintain the rights of clients.
  9. Perform nursing assistant care with regard to the principles of infection control.
  10. Perform basic emergency procedure for all aged clients.
  11. Demonstrate procedures in a safe therapeutic manner in the health/home care setting to meet federal/state mandates.
  12. Demonstrate defensive driving techniques.
  13. Conduct a self-inventory of personal strengths for the purpose of improving performance.
  14. Identify the similarities/differences in the role of the nursing assistant in the health care setting and the role of the health nursing aide in the home care setting.


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